Our Team

Our Team comprises of two dedicated and dynamic ladies (even though we may say so ourselves).

Savita Profile

Savita Laddha is an enterprising mother of two immensely talented young girls Aditi and Shruti. Aditi is a great artist and an aspiring graphic designer, while Shruti writes poetry. Savita has left no stone unturned in bringing to fore, the talent of her young ladies which has resulted in their work getting published since a very young age.



Ektaa Rupani

Ektaa Rupani is a certified Image Consultant and freelance writer who has been published in books like Chicken Soup of the Soul and Femina, amongst others. She has also penned a novel called Shades of Pink in which she has strongly advocated the equality of sexes. She conducts workshops on Image Enhancement  for schools, colleges, companies and homemakers too. She strongly believes that good presentation is the mantra to success.


Modus Operandi – Whoever believes that he/she has some specific talent or skill that would benefit people, can approach us. After screening their work and approving it, we will upload it on our website, where it will receive adequate exposure and appreciation. This can then lead to several business opportunities for the artist. We do this for a small fee.


Contact Details:-

Savita Laddha

email id :- savyladdha@gmail.com

mobile & whatsapp no:- 09754380000

Ektaa Rupani

email id :- egrupani@gmail.com

mobile & whatsapp no:- 09820598765